Qualified and experienced staff for the service of your vehicle

Not every automobile owner is aware about the different components that go into the running of the engine of your vehicle. In order to ensure that the vehicle functions efficiently and does not interrupt, you need to maintain it in an optimum manner. Regular repair and maintenance of the vehicle improves its functionality and adds life to the vehicle. It also increases the resale value of the vehicle. Most importantly, a well maintained vehicle is easy to run and is a delight for the owner. But vehicles need to be looked after from time to time. With the efficient services offered by Elite Auto Repair, it has become much easier to look for mechanics that can help fix your car and maintain it in the finest condition. You do not need to stress about looking for the right people to handle the job. The mechanics are trained and experienced in their job. They know what they are doing and will work on your car as if it is their own. They will check every component of the car thoroughly and deliver your car within no time.

Rated as the best repair shop for its quality and experienced mechanics, Elite Auto Repair can handle the toughest auto service and repair jobs in no time. They serve Tempe, Phoenix and Chandler areas. Their car repair center is a full service repair shop with a strong record in the performance of complex service and repair work. Most other repair shops would not take up tough tasks easily whereas the mechanics at Elite Auto Repair are happy to take up any repair and service head on. The mechanics are equipped to handle challenging repair projects for all types of automobiles. Whether it is your personal car or a fleet of cars, they will help you maintain your vehicles in the best condition. Their services include a thorough check of every component of the car including the test drive after the service is complete. And all of this is available at an affordable rate. You can choose from a range of maintenance packages and avail of the special discounts on the same.

Complete services at an affordable rate

Right from the reconstruction of a brand new vehicle to the replacement of the interiors in a luxury vehicle, the mechanics will get the job done right. They are experienced at working on a range of brands and models. Having served a number of customers and businesses, they have achieved higher customer satisfaction and are preferred by many in the area. The mechanics are Automotive Service Excellence certified and offer high level of services. They have been providing services for more than 15 years which include servicing light duty and medium duty vehicles as well. They use the latest tools and equipment to diagnose the problem in your vehicle. The team of qualified mechanics understand and apply the principles of braking, body control and drive train system. This helps them understand and repair your vehicle. With the right tools and knowledge of the automobile, they can serve you in the best manner and ensure that your vehicle receives all the care and maintenance necessary.

The efficient mechanics offer oil and filter service which is recommended for every vehicle in a period of three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Oil and filter service is a quick and effective service that will immediately improve the functioning of the engine and increase user satisfaction. Further, they offer flush cooling system and perform a pressure test and check hoses. The cooling system service can take some time and depends on the type of vehicle you own. Whether your car requires an A/C conditioning service or a brake replacement, the mechanics will look into the matter and diagnose the issue in no time. Using the specialized equipment, the technicians will clean the valves and combustion chamber and will easily restore the lost power and performance. If you notice any change in the performance of your vehicle or notice any sounds from the same, you should immediately contact the mechanics who will set to work. Once you handle your vehicle to them, you have nothing to worry about. They will ensure every component of your vehicle runs smoothly and effectively without a glitch. Different cars have different requirements which need to be met from time to time. The efficient mechanics at Elite Auto Repair have thorough knowledge about the components and strive to deliver only the best to you. They are acclaimed for their professional attitude and excellent services. You can opt for a preventive maintenance plan that is available at an affordable rate. It will ensure that your car does not breakdown on the middle of the road and functions efficiently for a long time to come.

Is your car running right?

The auto repair shop is an expert at diagnosis. They have a huge inventory of manufacturer’s diagnostic equipment which is the best in the business. It takes commitment to provide high quality services and Elite Auto Repair is known for the same. They are committed to the service and strive for customer satisfaction. With each satisfied client, they achieve more business. Majority clients are through referrals and positive word of mouth. Many repair shops start replacing the parts until the issue is resolved. They do not diagnose the problem nor do they do a thorough check of the problem faced in your car. Their only strategy is to replace the parts due to the lack of test equipment and lack of experience. In addition to providing diagnostic services, they also offer automotive brake repair, auto heating and cooling repair, auto air conditioning repair, engine repair, transmission repair, oil changes, tire replacement, automotive diagnostics, auto electrical repairs and manufacturer’s mileage services. The full service auto repair facility will be happy to help maintain your automobile in its best working condition. Call them today and schedule a preventive service and maintenance for your car.