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The Airport Limo Toronto – A Service Company Which Offers Great Transportation

Looking for a transportation which offers nice services at the airport? If you are heading to Toronto, this will be very useful for you. Moreover, if you want to get a personal service which provides comfortability, security, and safety. There is a service company which is called Airport Limo Toronto offering a transportation at the lowest flat rates. So, if you haven’t had any transportation when you are in Toronto, you can use the service of this airport limo toronto.

About the Airport Limo Toronto

This is a service company which offers a transportation in the Airport – especially Toronto. Here, there are some Limos and Taxis which you can choose to be your transportation vehicle. The drivers which are chosen to give you a transportation, have been instructed to give a service which can never be obtained from other companies. Besides, this service company is suitable for those who looking for a travel in the Toronto with comfort. Of course, the services which are provided are available for business professionals, individual clients, tourists and also VIP.

Airport Limo Toronto has been providing its service for 15 years. It still exists until now. Based on this thing, you may get a proof that this service company is trusted and has nice services. Besides, all of the customers who have used this service company, all are satisfied – with a satisfaction percentage of 100%. Not only that, the reputation of this service company has been established in the area of airport transporation and also limousine service in the city of Toronto. There are some types of vehicles, including Sedan Limousine, Van, SUV, and even Stretch Limousine.

For other services, this service company also offers services for Wedding Party, Birthday Party, Graduation ceremony, Conference, Business Necessity, Tourist, etc. Before using this service company for those kind of things, you need to have a reservation by contact its number or through e-mail.

How about the pick up procedures?

When you are ready to pick up, there are two points which are chosen as the spot of picking up. The first is Terminal 1 and another is Terminal 3: post 7 – A. Usually, Terminal 1 is chosen when you have already reserved a car to pick you up. But, if you haven’t reserved a car, and you barely reserved it, Terminal 3: post 7 – A is the place where your car will pick you up. Here, you don’t need to wait your car for a long time because the driver will arrive within just two minutes. So, if you don’t want to wait your car, you can reserve your car before heading to Toronto.

The flat rates

As been described before, you don’t need to spend much money to get a service from this service company. If you want an SUV or a Sedan Limousine, there is additional cost which you have to pay – which is $15. It is not a tip for the driver, yet it is an airport fee that you have to pay. So, it is not included in the cost you will pay for the airport limo toronto. On the other hand, if you want a Stretch Limousine, the airport fee that you have to pay is $25. The cost that you have to pay to this service company depends on the distance and the location that you want to go.